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Creatine is a type of acid from nitrogen. Higher creatine levels help by providing energy to the nerves, muscles and cells of the human body. It can be found in all vertebrates such as animals as well. It has been placed in different types of foods and supplements to enhance the physical performance and the endurance of the people. There are also drinks that are pack with creatine and they can be found in the market these days. You can also find food bars, pills, drinks and vitamins that are pack with creatine these days.

Some people try to increase their creatine levels by taking creatine which has become very famous especially by athletes, though it’s presently legal to take creatine, there are some doctors who consider the danger that it can bring. There are individuals who are into sports feel that creatine is as harmful as steroids and it they also think that it should be banned in the market. A lot of professionals debate about the use of creatine in sports because they think that it’s unfair for those who choose not to take it.

Creatine supplements helps to increase creatine levels in the body and are composed of creatine monohydrate which is a creatine molecule that is combined with water molecules for better absorption. When a person takes creatine supplement, the creatine molecules will be absorbed by the muscles of the body that will bring the levels of phosphocreatine by around 20% higher.

The body muscles will release ATP during a vigorous activity but it will stay at its higher levels when creatine supplement is taken which means that the person be it an athlete or not will not feel tired right away and will also feel lesser muscle pain. There are sports such as basketball, weightlifting and football that allow an athlete to use creatine supplements to get the energy that the athlete need. Increasing creatine levels in the body has not yet proven to be effective with endurance sports such as swimming and running.

Creatine supplements are commonly known safe by a lot of health workers, since there have not been records of long and short term side effects associated with the use of creatin. For a healthy person, creatine supplements should really work for the advantage of an athlete. Those who perspire a lot during an activity and became severely dehydrated needs to take more water because with creatine the person will feel dizzy and may faint as well. Anyone taking creatin should stay dehydrated at all times to prevent dizziness and fainting. Creatine levels can also be increased with creatine powder.

Leg pain is also one of the most common complaints of a lot of creatine users trying to increase their creatine levels in addition to severe water loss in the body. If you happen to suffer from leg pain you need to be cautious because it may also cause pressure buildup in the muscles of the body that may result in water retention within the fibers of the leg muscles. In this case, you need to see a doctor especially if the leg pain doesn’t go away in time. Leg pain may cause tissue damage that may affect your performance as an athlete. Be aware of these facts if taking creatin to increase creatine levels.